Time Consuming

 Much times were wasting out.
waste times for take a nap, watching piracy-DVD, starring at cat plays or cat sleeps, maybe do nothing
Times waste poorly
so pooor...ly

Do you have any kind of interest?
My mom thaught me how do knit or crochet, when I was in junior high.
But they were not my fav-kind-thing.
But I couldn't do anything to spend for this precious time
But I have needle and yarns... so what am i waiting for?
Do knit! Do crochet!

Then I just sang  lalalalalala...
Inside my room, under the blankets, lied on pillows and bolster
watched them carefully about the pattern
ignoring my partner
ignoring my cat
ignoring my friends
Then a making-thing-in-precious-times-work had done

So what must i suppose to feel?

I am happy