In Medio

I've download this album about last year. But I haven't heard yet until last month. I thought this album deserved as to be role mode of Indonesian band.

I just love "BIRU" , with romantic lyrics and smooth sound. You'll also love it as much as i do.

"Cukup Dalam Hati", emotional song. With bunch of anger throw in this song. Feel it, so you will be also angry.

Anda Perdana, In Medio album.


Gugun and Blues Shelter


tonite's gig...
Gugun and Blues Shelter, their voices turn my head soo heavly enjoyed. No doubt for them, this is the best ever gigs I've ever seen! as night is falling, they become more mad. Their madness make the cold Bandung turn to HOT!

Muhammad Gugun as known as Gugun, leader of the band. oh damn, he's so rock! i cant let my eyes let off from him, to him and his tapping hand on grips, genious!

John Armstrong a.k.a Jono, funny bassist! he make us enjoy the stage with his grumble talk. what does he say? "Nyep Nyep!".. i thought that must be so bizzarre..

and Aditya Wibowo or Bowie, he is the star on the stage tonite, yeah he is getting drunk, but because of that he perform the madness on stage...



Their best perform are when they take Little Wings by Jimi Hendrix and Superstition by Stevie Wonder... the madness has been made for these. But Woman, are always make me awestruck.

if Erros hadn't take us with him to enjoy the stage, we must be on back of crowd then. we'll not be at GBS reserved seat, or we'll not get their photo with us.

yeah thanks for you Ross!

*these pics are taken by Me & Erros