Special Noon

Although, it was late, we still enjoyed this noon. Me turn to treat the girls. This noon dedicated for celebrated my 20th birthday little party with my few close friends in fikom. Yeah, it was too late. Why? such a bunch busy time hang around between us all. Final exam, holiday, and schedule of study have traped us down. Fine, too much expression.

But better than not at all. Hey, let's dine in for June 18th 2010, girls!

Choosing Dakken coffee & steak instead Arisan to celebrated. Arisan was closed for renovation. Didn't know where else to go, yeah, quickie nice decision for Dakken that promoted by Karin, I took it.

Dakken, jl. RE Martadinata no. 67. Nice atmosphere, cozy, and pretty interior design welcomed us.

15 minutes long just for looked and choosed the menu. Fine price, i thought first. But, i was hoping for nice food taste. "Is it worth?"

That was me, choosing for Chicken Breast Princesse and Chocolate Expresso Latte.
The main course was delightfull. Well chicken and sauce. The Sauce was amazing, like tar-tar and cream carbonara, and also fried vegetables. They fried in a lot of rough chop garlic. Tasty.

For the coffee, it was very nice! Hot expresso mix with chocolate ice cream on top. Sensation!

Karin, choosed for Beef Cordon Blue and casual drink, mineral Bottled water. Yeah, better than tap water kar.. hahaha.

I tasted her food. Casual but OK. Their tasted just like what i thought before. have also fried vegetables sama as mine but combine with like tomate sauce.. quite nice.

Melly, choosed for American Burger, if I didn't make mistake. And I didn't know what drink she took. But, I thought, the patty was homemade, not too meaty and quite half done. That maked their so nice.

Hasnah, choosed for Chicken Rice and unknown drink. Chicken Rice was combine with mozarella cheese on top. First you taste it, it was nice. But in fifth spooning you would bored with that. Not quite nice. But I liked her drink. Coffee with vanilla ice cream for topping.

The second one of from the menu I liked the most was Fanny's decision. Burger Negimaki. Look liked Melly's but their was adding negimaki sauce. That make Fanny's menu delightfull. Just for the sauce. And for drink, same as Hasnah's but chocolate ice cream for topping.

I thought the very bad menu among us is Cessi. She choosed lasagna and what banana drink. Taste was just very boring, flat for the food. Little bit tasteless. For the drink, just too sweet.

Over all. Dakken was a worthed. For food but fine price. Hmm, Ok little bit, just little high price. You would not regreted. Cause like Karin said, their fully loaded your tummy.

Soon, maybe I'll back for the dessert. Looked like nice treats!!


as far as my feet carry me

hei, chum
sounds familiar with this tittle.. huh
that german's movie talk to me about the steps thru stand up for your life

what are you stand for?


finest goods

cute little tummy

or happiness?

say it, chasing the happiness
huh, you'll never be, chum!

..tap.. TAP.. tap..

the happiness are you walk anywhere you can go
and do well things

good shoes take you to good places

ini, disini, disampingmu

berteman sungguh asik
sayangnya melebihi kekasih sendiri
kau ingin bilang apa? aku mendengarkan, kawan
sini, aku berada disampingmu
dimana saja, sini lah.


hei, cheer up. You, Public You

Found out that my shot got in jeans brand's blog. Actually it was found by Bimon.
share me that link..

"foto lo featured rat. dari easton"

here's their BLOG. EASTON

just one of them.. it was featured. The Salacca Zalacca gig on Fame Station Bandung few months ago.

Mr. Khaseli has told me once about that shot was nice

Sad was there's no name who took it. it means me..

What ever, just once. I feel little cheer up in the boring rainy day.