biru in one memory

Oh Biru,
Biarkan diriku merengkuhmu
Hanyutkan dirimu dalam cintaku,
tersenyumlah untukku

Oh Biru,
Indah dirimu hempaskan aku
Jauh ku tenggelam dalam tatapmu
Sesatku dalam kasihmu

Sejuta kata takkan pernah bisa lisankan maksud rasaku ini

Dia, mengalir dalam darahku
Dia, setengah dari jiwaku
Dia, bayangan atas nyawaku

Oh Biru,
Detak jantungmu membawa aku
berlayar tengah samudra cintamu
Sesatku dalam kasihmu

Dia mengalir dalam darahku
Dia setengah dari jiwaku
Dia bayangan atas nyawaku

Biarlah dua menjadi satu

*some lyrics from ANDA - In Medio Album

Through The Spots

let me see........

...Good Night...


Had Happen in My Room

Every people have a comfort nest to find. Sometimes, they aren't cozy enough. So, they have to build a comfortness.

Build something like that needs times. Collect all kind of stuffs you need, arrange them, and feel them. Are they comfy enough for me?

If you feel that's all just like what you want, now there will be much much much times you'll spend in that nest. You do anykind of things you're very love, even your pet.



they are my comfort zones.


Paking Ticture

Some day, mr. honey bear come down the hill, to visit his friend, ms. yellow cat.
nothing to do in that day. "maybe, visiting a friend will be kind a nice activity," mr. bear thought.

Few hours, they having chit chat about anything........

ms. cat : sir, are you easily get bored these day, honey?
mr. bear : yeah.
ms. cat : i think we must make a new thing in between our line, so this will make it more interesting
mr. bear : like what?
ms. cat : taking picture of ours
mr. bear : ?!
ms. cat : c'mon
mr. bear : okay..


ms. cat : one more?
mr. bear : haha, olright..


mr. bear : nice... take me look.
ms. cat : can we have some more?
mr. bear : yeah.


mr. bear & ms. cat : WHAT THE....
ms. cat : i think its blackout....
mr. bear : oh, dear