Photobooth-ing yuk!

Mereka kencan berdua di sebuah Mall tergaul sepanjang Bandung. Rise of The Planet of The Apes adalah main date mereka. Setelah memesan dua tiket, mereka menyusuri isi Mall tersebut.

"hmmm, masih 30 menit lagi."
"mau kemana lagi nih?"
"kemana yaa? Dil, photobox yuk!"
"haha, kaga ah!"

Ini sih sudah kali keberapa gue ngajak photobooth-ing-an. He still said no. Gue bingung kenapa? apa karena kita sama-sama punya kamera DSLR dan tripod? atau dia pernah berkomentar tentang hasil photobooth seseorang, "pacaran smp banget", atau males bertingkah seperti anak kecil? atau ga asik?

Sebelumnya gue juga ga pernah photobooth-ing-an sama pacar-pacar gue yang telah lalu. Pengalaman sebagian cowo ini ga pernah ngajak juga dan gue ga pernah kepikiran juga, dan sebagian cowo itu pernah mengajak tapi gue menolak tapi saat itu gue malu untuk show off. Atau gue menolak karena cowo itu tidak setampan Mr. Depp... eh eh, becanda kok hahaha. Kalo ditanya cowo itu kenapa gue ga mau, gue selalu bilang "Aku ada dslr sama tripod, kalo mau kita foto aja di kamar." Serius, gue ga akan bilang gue malu foto sama lo.. ya kali.. *sekali lagi bercanda, sayaaaang. Gue pernah beberapa kali kok foto di dalam booth, tentunya bersama temen-temen gue dan lebih tentunya lagi mereka itu cewe-cewe. Oya, jadi ada pertanyaan lagi, kenapa cewe-cewe lebih suka difoto ya daripada cowo-cowo? gue sendiri ga tau sih sebagai cewe. Do you?

Kalo diinget-inget lucu juga, sekarang giliran gue minta photobooth-ing, pacar gue ga mau. Pokoknya dia ga mau aja. Mau ngerayu, tapi malesh bangeett. Ahahaha. Ini apa yaa namnya, Karmakah? ya kaliii juga.. gini-an doang.

Terus kenapa sekarang gue pengen banget photobooth-an? ehehe, agak malu ceritanya. Pertama, karena hal tersebut "oldstuff" tapi masih classy. Gue suka yang berbau-bau yang lucu-lucu oldstuff gitu deh... hihihi. Kedua, gara-gara gue liat serangkaian foto temen-temen cewe dan cowo gue punya foto dalam booth bersama pacar mereka, dan terlihat asik sekali. Ketiga, mungkin karena sekarang gue lagi dilanda "freakin'-out-cannot-bear-to-lose-the-boy-you-love-the most" jadinya gue pengen merekam disaat-saat lagi bahagia ini.. hahaha. *fucking stupid i am!

Menurut lo lo semua, enaknya ngajak dia gimana ya, biar mau?  =3
Tapi, photobooth-an emang asik kan yaa?


Losing (Fright)

I don't have any idea since when, but I feel it not so quite times ago.
It is not things such as...

misery to know your loving cat is dead,
lose your big opportunity to win million money,
your stick plans turn to ruin,
your favorite dvd is broken,
run out of allowances,
can't break an easy puzzles,
annoying with stumbling teeth when kissing,
alone in the house at night,
regret for run out of snacks in your room,
stain in your favorite dress, or
tired of TV drama and TV gives no good shows for you.
Those all are just gravels in your life

But i feel afraid about some classic gravel in every girls' fright!
"When you can not bear to lose your boy you love the most!"

or maybe for you, in common people are like
"Having untrusted best friend stab you on the back!"
(is it true the same, isn't it? tell me if I'm wrong)

Have you ever had questions about..
why I have this feeling?
where is this begin?
and when is this end?
can I hold it?

and you ever hopes of..
I don't want to be disappointed, please.
I will have enough patient to get along with him/her.
I won't wake up in beautiful daydreaming.
if I get the worst, I will be strong as storm.

Everyone wants to be trusted and have the truth from someone believe them.

ga bermaksud galau sih, tapi apalah daya. pengennya sih berbagi isi pikiran, gue harap cari ini ga cissy!


Best Wishes for Adh

This is how we share love from our 3 best years.
And this is just one of them.
Come when we have special day, and we are there for each other.

This is our love for you Angs.
Although we know you know and you know we know you know,
but seems some attitudes to show how we feel won't let you down

We had hiperbolic sharing cares for our monochrome life fulfill with vintage or psychedelic colors
thru the things we likes
fortunately, we have a whole universe of ours
words are words, sentences are sentences, dreams are dreams
every-us are different.
I know we have one or some or any in common(s)
but I don't know what

Because this thing is your day, on last June 5th 2011.
Those pics and video are yours, but the story is ours of course.

Because the times with you are best of all gorgeus times I had
The more over is because you all always there for reallity

From me, bimon, and will.
for adh.

Makes another day chums.